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Recent status of micromachining

according to the news from americanmachinist, after 7 years of micromachining research, researchers at the University of Illinois in the United States have launched 310-s series micro milling platform, in addition to the safety protection equipment and functions of the above experimental machines. The worktable, including the spindle guide rail, is about 1.97 inches (about 5cm) long in total and can process plastic or metal workpieces of 0.06mm in size

the main task of this processing platform is to take a resource-saving development path. The range of shaft speed is rpm, the maximum instantaneous acceleration is 5g, and the displacement accuracy is 1 micron. The current price of the machine tool is $90000

the combination of machining and precision of ultra-fine and ultra large machining platforms reflects the friction and wear process of dual film pairs from various angles. The GUI human-computer interaction graphical system has significantly improved the automation and human-computer interaction limit of the experimental machine, and is constantly being refreshed. We still have a long way to go

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