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Reassembly of machine parameters of machining center

machine parameters of machining center mainly include CNC parameters, PLC parameters and their setting parameters. All these parameters are stored in RAM chip with battery protection or EEPROM chip

in the process of using the machining center, all these parameters will be lost or individual parameters will be changed due to some reasons. At least, the machine tool will not work normally and lose some functions; In case of serious collision, the whole machine will be paralyzed. The main reasons for parameter loss or individual parameter change are as follows:

1 backup battery failure of CNC system

this situation usually occurs when the machine is restarted after a long-term shutdown. If it is not a long-term shutdown, there will be a battery undervoltage alarm on the CRT of the machine tool, as long as the battery required by the system is replaced within one week. When replacing the battery, replace it when the machine tool is powered on, otherwise the machine tool parameters will be lost. Therefore, power on the machine South regularly to make the

machine tool run for a period of time, which is conducive to the extension of the service life of the backup battery and the timely detection of whether the backup battery is invalid. To prevent the electrical parts from being affected by moisture is also of great benefit to the extension of the service life of machine tool CNC, machinery and other systems

2 when the machine tool processes workpieces under DNC state or carries out data communication, the power is cut off instantly, resulting in that the system program cannot restore the data in RAM in time

3. during maintenance, due to carelessness of maintenance personnel, the ram board was unplugged, resulting in power loss of RAM chip

4 operator misoperation

when parameters are abnormal, the first thing to do is to restore and check machine tool parameters

due to the wide variety of CNC systems supporting the machining center, the method of parameter reassembly also varies with the system, that is, the products of the same manufacturer also differ with different system versions. We can carry out it according to the detailed introduction in the system operation manual. At the same time, the manufacturer should also be asked to inform how to operate the machine tool during the acceptance

now take Siemens 810m system, which is widely used in China, as an example

810m system parameters are divided into NC parameters, setting parameters and PLC parameters. Among them, the parameters, setting parameters, bridges and other necessary experimental and testing equipment of engineering units can be manually modified on the CRT, while the PLC parameters must be transmitted from the RS232 serial port by the special communication software step5, and cannot be directly modified on the CRT

the steps are as follows:

1 turn off the main power supply of the machine tool, press and hold the "diagnosis key" and turn on the power switch until the system enters the initialization screen

2 press the corresponding soft keys in the following order to clear NC, PLC and set parameter

values (mark "√" on the corresponding items to indicate that they have been cleared)

● machine data

● NC data

● PLC data

3. modify interface parameters:

s D 5011=11o00111

s D 5010=

s D 5012=

s.d 5013=

s.d 5016=

4 transfer them to NC PLC parameters (these parameters are backup parameters given to the user by the machine tool manufacturer after debugging the machine tool)

5. clear the user project in the huge future development space of the system

6. Modify the interface parameters according to step 3

7 pass in NC and PLC setting parameters

8 clear the PLC data item in the system again

9 modify the interface parameters: S.D 5010=

s.d 5012=

10 use ste to explain the application scope of the pull down testing machine p 5 software is transmitted to the PLC program

11. after completion, press "set up-e (2) ring sample Φ fifty × 10nd-pw soft key, restart the system

if an error is set, the strong current and hydraulic system of the machine tool can be started; If there is still an error in

, confirm that the machine tool has no hardware fault, and then re initialize according to the above steps. (end)

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