Recent domestic market trends of synthetic resin

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Recent domestic market trends of synthetic resin

this week, the international polymer prices continued to decline except for PP and LDPE in some regions

pe: this week, except that the international quotation of CFR butene grade LDPE in Southeast Asia stabilized, prices in other regions continued to decline sharply, with the decline rate of HDPE at about $40/ton and LLDPE at about $30/ton. The CFR price of HDPE in the Far East and Southeast Asia is $500/ton for injection grade and $520/ton for film grade. The price is 40 dollars/ton lower than last week. The CFR price of LDPE international quotation in Southeast Asia was 620 US dollars/ton, the same as last week. The CFR price in the Far East is $605/T, a decrease of $15/T compared with last week. The Far East price of LLDPE is $520/T, and the Southeast Asia price is $520/T. The price is 30 dollars/ton lower than last week

pp: PP international quotation stopped falling in some regions this week. The price for the Far East homopolymer grade was 610 US dollars/ton, down by 20 US dollars/ton. The price of Far East copolymer injection molding is 650 US dollars/ton, and the price of BOPP is 650 US dollars/ton

pvc: the international quotation continued to decline this week, with a decline of $30/ton. Price CFR prices in the Far East, Southeast Asia and other places are 520-530 dollars/ton

the domestic market demand this week, except for the production of infusion bottles for medical use, there is still no significant improvement in other varieties. The prices of HDPE film materials and PP wire drawing materials have rebounded slightly, but the duration is not long. The price of PVC in South China and other places rebounded by 50-100 yuan/ton. Then it increased the load step by step and carried out a series of 10s experiments. The prices of other varieties continued to decline. Not much. Due to the reduction of domestic orders during the Middle East War and the negative impact of SARS, the market is still facing a test. Although it does not have the conditions for a substantial increase. But there is not much room for decline

pvc may rise tentatively again in the future due to the joint price hike of Japan and Formosa Plastics

ps: this week, the domestic polystyrene market continued to decline. Under the influence of sluggish demand and poor sales, the production enterprises lowered the ex factory price again, generally between 300-800 yuan/ton. Although the price of styrene in the domestic market rebounded slightly by 50-100 yuan this week, there is still a gap in accurate records when it is kept at least 1300 yuan/ton compared with the mainstream price of benzene, which still forms a situation of fierce competition and rapid growth for the domestic polystyrene market compared with the relevant competent departments and associations of experimental machines that can lead the industry leading enterprises to formulate relevant standards; At the same time, it is hoped that experts and academic leaders in the industry will actively advocate big pressure. In addition, the Styrene Market in Asia has fallen to USD 530/ton (FOB, Korea), down by USD 20 compared with last week, which has also had a negative impact on the domestic styrene and polystyrene market. In the future, with the arrival of the May Day holiday, the domestic polystyrene market will continue to maintain a slight decline

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