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Recent development of pulp and paper machinery manufacturing industry (II)

2 overview of the development of new paper products under the general spirit of the state's strong support for the development of large, medium and high-speed pulp and paper equipment to achieve localization, some major production enterprises attach importance to market research and actively develop them step by step with the cooperation of relevant paper-making enterprises, providing medium and large paper-making enterprises with products of a certain level year by year. The main new products of some manufacturing enterprises are as follows

2.1 alkali pulping equipment

● the largest domestic waste paper treatment system complete set of equipment has been put into operation

a complete set of waste cardboard treatment system equipment with a daily treatment capacity of 400 tons, manufactured by Jining Huayi, has been put into operation in the 120000 ton cardboard production line of Sichuan Guanghan SHUNFA Paper Co., Ltd. with good results and is deeply welcomed by users. This is a complete set of equipment for the largest domestic production line so far. The production line includes 13 kinds of main equipment, such as bar type pressure screen, fiber grading screen, disc thickener, thermal (1) removal of each part of the bundled material disperser, etc. It adopts the connection crushing - impurity removal system, thermal dispersion and long and short fiber grading treatment technology. The process flow is advanced and reasonable and controlled by PLC. The water, electricity and steam consumption are relatively low, the pulp yield is 70% ~ 85%, and the pulp quality is good and stable

● the 50 ton/day tray type thermal dispersion system designed and developed by Fujian light machinery and Hangzhou light industry electromechanical design and Research Institute has been put into operation in Zhejiang Deqing Shenghua group Xintian Paper Co., Ltd. and has been successfully used in 100% waste paper production line. The system consists of 6 main equipment, including double roll double extruder and disc type thermal disperser. The disc type thermal disperser is equipped with master control hydraulic system, position sensing device and electrical control system to realize the automatic adjustment of gear disc clearance, and the adjustment accuracy can reach 0.01mm

● the drum pulper series developed by Jining Huayi, Zibo Guoxin Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. and Fujian Nanping Xingguang machinery manufacturing and installation Co., Ltd. has a diameter of 2250mm to 3500mm and a maximum production capacity of 600 tons/day. The machine can be used for continuous pulping and coarse screening on a single machine, which simplifies the process, maintains the physical properties of the fiber to the greatest extent, and has low power consumption. It is especially suitable for waste paper pulping production lines with a daily processing capacity of more than 150 tons

● the high-speed pulp washer developed by Jining Huayi and Shandong Zhucheng patent equipment factory respectively has two working widths of 1000mm and 2000mm. The machine is used for washing and concentrating the deinked pulp of waste paper. The washing effect is good. It is especially suitable for removing the ink particles and ash in the deinked pulp. The ash removal rate can reach more than 90% when buying vegetables and fruits in the market

● the closed screening system equipment developed by Jining Huayi is composed of economizer, liquid filtration pressure screen, outflow medium concentration pressure screen, high (medium) concentration slag remover, vibrating frame screen, etc. The closed screening is placed in the counter current washing system, which can complete the screening and purification of the slurry at higher temperature and concentration. The screening effect is good, the heat loss is small, the fiber loss is small, and the concentration of the extracted black liquor is high, which is conducive to the further treatment of the black liquor

● Anqiu Wenrui has been committed to the development of complete sets of chemical mechanical pulp equipment in recent years, and the APMP equipment with a daily production capacity of 50 tons has been successfully put into operation in a plant in Shandong. The company also provides APMP experimental production line supporting equipment for some colleges and universities

● the GNJ high-efficiency slurry separator developed by Tengzhou Zhenyu environmental protection equipment factory has been improved for many times, and now its performance is more perfect. It can achieve a high extraction rate for alkali cooking chemical and semi chemical straw pulp black liquor. When the three machines are connected in series, the extraction rate of black liquor can reach 90%, and the pulp concentration can be 30% ~ 40%. At the same time, the requirements of three "8" for black liquor extraction can be met

● in the double roll extruder series developed by Weifang Yangfan, the H-type production capacity is 310 ~ 550 tons/day, which has been used in the bamboo pulp production system of a paper company in Sichuan, and its black liquor extraction rate can be about 95%

● zgm1300 High Consistency Refiner developed by Zibo Light Machinery Co., Ltd. can be used to grind pulp at the concentration of 25% ~ 35%. It can be used not only for high consistency beating of grass pulp, but also for CTMP, APMP and other chemical mechanical pulp production lines with wood as raw materials. Its production capacity can reach 100 ~ 250 tons/day, and the gap adjustment accuracy can reach ± 0.01mm

2.2 alkali papermaking and completion equipment

● the long multi cylinder corrugated paper machine with a width of 4400mm and a design speed of 600m/min developed by Changhua machinery adopts a closed hydraulic headbox, φ 1500mm blind hole large roller press, φ 1800mm drying cylinder, equipped with full-automatic roller magazine type horizontal winder, has been put into operation in Shandong Linqing Yinhe Paper Co., Ltd. In addition, the company also undertakes a 4800mm wide, 600m/min speed, 300000 tons of coated white paper machine, which is the largest paper machine the company has ever undertaken

● Shanghai Chenming has developed a 5650mm wide, 800m/min high-end Coated white cardboard. What are the criteria for selecting a tensile machine? Machine

● Liaoyang paper machine has developed a double stack corrugated machine with a width of 5650mm and a speed of 800m/min

● Zibo Xingxing has developed a cultural paper machine with an annual output of 120000 tons with a width of 4900mm and a speed of 1200m/min, and a super calender with two controllable medium and high rollers with a width of 3300mm and a speed of 1000m/min is being implemented

● the high-speed film transfer applicator series with a width of 2740 ~ 6000mm developed by Shashi Light Machinery Co., Ltd. has a speed of 800m/min, a light coating amount of 3 ~ 10g/m2 and a sizing amount of 0.5 ~ 1.5g/m2. The applicator is a film transfer type. After pre metering by the metering roller, it is transferred to the paper by the feeding roller, which can effectively prevent the turbulence of the glue (coating) at high speed, control the uniformity of the glue (coating) in the longitudinal/horizontal direction, and improve the operation stability. In recent years, the soft calender manufactured by the company with the technology introduced from Metso company in Finland has passed the technical appraisal, and now it can provide single and double calender with controllable medium and high rollers with a width of less than 6m and a speed of less than 1000m/min

● SC single and double zone soft calender series developed by Jiangyin Guoguang has passed the technical appraisal. The width and speed can be determined according to the accuracy level 1 required by users. The double-sided soft calender with a width of 3750mm and a maximum speed of 1000m/min is being manufactured. It can be equipped with zoned controllable medium and high rollers according to the needs of users. Some products of this series have been used in some paper mills with good results

3 paper seizes the opportunity to improve the level of domestic equipment

at present, the development situation of China's paper industry is very good, and the state has also given great support in terms of policies and funds. The forest pulp paper integration project has begun to enter the implementation stage, and foreign funds and domestic private funds have been continuously injected. It can be said that China's pulp and paper machinery industry is facing great business opportunities, but also great challenges. Although our product level has improved greatly in recent years, and we have made great progress in large-scale, high-speed, high-efficiency, automation, etc., especially with the support of the former State Economic and Trade Commission, we have introduced some applicable foreign advanced technologies and accelerated the localization of large and medium-sized papermaking equipment, but there is still a big gap compared with the foreign advanced level, which can not meet the construction needs of large-scale papermaking projects. Therefore, we still need to seriously sum up experience, seriously learn from foreign advanced and mature technologies, take the road with Chinese characteristics in combination with national conditions, further develop technologically advanced, applicable and efficient products, and further strive to improve the overall level. In the era of economic globalization, we will occupy a position in the big market of the paper industry and play a greater role in the development of China's paper industry. □

Zhang Xi, senior engineer, member of Academic Committee of China paper making society, consultant of China Light Industry Group paper making secondary fiber utilization cooperation center, former director of technical equipment department of the Ministry of light industry

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