Recent development of packaging and printing indus

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Recent development of packaging and printing industry in Hong Kong

in recent years, it is assumed that frequent startup of packaging and printing industry in Hong Kong will lead to damage of servo electromechanical drive. Their export sales show double-digit growth every year. The largest export regions of packaging and printing products are the mainland and the United States. In terms of packaging products, the sales potential of the mainland market is greater

at present, many printing houses in Hong Kong have used modern mechanical equipment, including electronic color separation scanners, multi-color automatic printers and computerized printing production management systems. The electronic prepress system has connected the processes of word planting, color separation and plate making, which greatly improves the processing speed and quality of color images. This technology is also widely used in packaging and printing design. Various types of packaging boxes can be processed quickly and with high quality through computer-aided design (CAD) system; The multi-color high-speed printing machine also makes the long version color printing quality very accurate and stable due to the extensive use of computer-aided color control system. Despite the rising labour costs in Hong Kong, the use of computer equipment has enabled the packaging and printing industry to maintain its competitiveness

a survey conducted by the Hong Kong industry department on Hong Kong's manufacturing industry shows that the continuous rise in labor costs has significantly affected the productivity of Hong Kong's manufacturing industry and also increased factory production costs. The labor cost of the packaging and printing industry is much higher than that of other manufacturing industries, which directly reduces its competitiveness and affects the confidence of the industry in making long-term investment in Hong Kong. The survey shows that 20.5% of Hong Kong packaging and printing manufacturers have set up branches in the mainland, and 19.3% plan to invest in the mainland; The most important investment area is South China, whose main purpose is to make use of the cheap labor and land in the mainland. The trend of such production bases moving northward will continue in the next few years

environmental protection is the subject of research on the economic ability of the world. Many businesses in Hong Kong have begun to study the combination of packaging products and environmental protection. From the design and manufacture of packaging products to the recycling, treatment and recycling of packaging materials, they have tried their best to reduce environmental pollution. On the premise of environmental protection, this is a good time for the development of packaging paper products. Recycle waste paper to make recycled paper, and then make packaging cartons, paper bags, cartons, etc. to replace plastic packaging products that are not conducive to environmental protection; Using waste paper as raw material to replace expanded polystyrene (EPS) has become the development trend of packaging products in Hong Kong

the development level of the packaging and printing industry can reflect the national economic situation of a country or region. The higher the quality of life, the more people pay attention to the packaging of products. Today, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection in the world, excessive packaging should not be advocated, but the basic functions of packaging for product information protection, product protection and product beautification can not be ignored. They have six combinations. The packaging and printing industry in Hong Kong is bound to follow the trend and continue to develop

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