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Through continuous learning, innovation and change, Kanghua whole wood whole house decoration is endowed with high-end customized art with its own unique elements and positioning, so that every product we produce is carefully carved and worth collecting

on July 6, the Kanghua wooden door team and a delegation of more than 10 people attended the Pazhou International Exhibition of the 21st China Construction Expo (Guangzhou). The annual event represented the latest products and the latest industry trends in the building materials and home furnishing industry. As the chairman of Kanghua wood industry Cai, who has been deeply engaged in the whole wood customization industry for more than 20 years, has always insisted on taking the company's designers, production and marketing teams to the exhibition every year, requiring everyone to find all kinds of inspiration that they feel they have harvest and need from their own perspective, learn from excellent peers and competitors. This is an order based customization era in which service and market demand determine production. Only by constantly grasping the needs and trends of consumers can we produce good products that meet the market and consumer demand. So if we stand in the perspective of our log packers and our own product positioning and customer groups, what do we see?? In this issue, we will share with you the most popular light luxury series products we have seen. Don't talk too much, just go to the picture above

luxury is the most important visual element in the light luxury style. In simplicity, there is a trace of luxury, but it also appears low-key and calm, which is the final pursuit of the realm

to achieve such a design effect, we need to focus on the balance between "light" and "luxury". The so-called "light" is "simple". The design method is to eliminate complexity and save simplicity, and complete the overall design with simple facade, neat lines and unified color matching

comfortable color matching, soft lines, and all other designs make the light and luxurious style different from the traditional high and cold, with an extra display of warmth

the sense of design is the core embodiment of light luxury space. The scene design, which highlights the sense of design, is the soul of the whole style. As the most important visual element, it runs through the whole space

time is in a hurry. After a few days of observation, we are deeply aware that the current packaging is increasingly meeting the needs of the new generation of consumers. It is simple but not simple. Taking consumers as the center and market orientation is the driving force for the development of enterprises. Many of our exhibitors are our models. We firmly believe that only a team that keeps learning can create high-quality products, and a team that is willing to change can innovate and produce products that consumers need. We need to keep learning, innovating and changing, so that the whole house decoration of Kanghua whole wood can be endowed with high-end customized art with its own unique elements and positioning, Every product we produce is carefully carved and worth collecting





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