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The preheating of the last store wide promotion of double 12 in 2018 has been launched

the last promotion of the whole store in 2018

the preheating of double 12 has been launched.

on this happy hour, the editor announced the preferential strength of double 12. HA

the stool is moved, and the

elegant embroidery begins? Jd.com online and offline activities

ultimate spike 0 yuan rush

spike good goods

luxury gift

luxury gift: at 20:00 on December 8, 0.01 yuan spike value 5998 yuan Yaxiu nano micro spray mural (limited to 10 pairs, each within 10 square meters)

ultimate gift

ultimate gift: at 20:00 on December 12, 0.01 spike value 16888 yuan Yaxiu solo embroidery mural (limited to 1 pair)

offline activities

(specific activities are subject to the store)

detailed rules of the activity

this online activity is carried out in the form of seckill exchange coupons. It is specially launched (0.01 exchange card). A gift exchange card of 0.01 yuan for online rush purchase will be issued by express delivery. After receiving the card, exchange it at the offline designated store to receive the prize

Yaxiu customer service will contact the winning customer within 24 hours of shooting and inform the nearest physical store to receive gifts

at 8 p.m. on November 24, 2018, the Yaxiu 0 yuan activity began

(source: Yaxiu embroidered wall cloth)




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