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At the yunqi conference in, the concept of "new retail" proposed by Ma Yun, a guide of China's e-commerce industry, attracted the attention of all walks of life, including the door and window industry

At the yunqi conference in, the concept of "new retail" proposed by Ma Yun, a guide of China's e-commerce industry, attracted the attention of all walks of life, including the door and window industry. Today, when the life of traditional retail industry is very sad, and the life of "traditional e-commerce" is also very sad, the industry also has more interpretations of "new retail"

" Whoever has tradition will die " Attracting attention

new retail is not new. Its essence is still the concept of Omni channel, o2o, online and offline interactive integration that has been hot in recent years. At present, the reason why new retail is concerned is " Words are valued by people;. From the mouth of Alibaba founder Jack Ma, it gives "e; New "e; Concept or color! It is worth noting that Ma Yun's proposal that traditional e-commerce must die is reasonable. In other words, physical stores that ignore the upgrading of consumer demand for products and services and changes in the way demand is met and stick to traditional doors and windows will also die. It can be said that "e; Whoever has tradition will die ", This should attract everyone's attention

online and offline integration speeds up

of course, the proposal of Ma Yun's new retail concept last year is a landmark. That is, Omni channel retail has become the main topic from physical stores " Internet " At the stage, enter the online store, and go down as the main topic " Go to the ground "e; Stage. That is to say, online and offline, the stage of shouting from the air has entered the competition stage of open space competition. Whether it is Alibaba's capital business cooperation in Yintai, Suning, Sanjiang shopping and Bailian's business strategic cooperation, or jd.com's cooperation with Tencent, Yonghui, and Gome and Amazon, or Alibaba village Taobao, jd.com, jd.com home appliance stores, and Suning Bangke, Suning e-buy Direct stores, the vertical and horizontal combination of the primary and secondary markets, and the horse racing enclosure of the tertiary and tertiary markets, all have distinctive " New retail "e; Characteristics, that is to say, the speed of online and offline integration is accelerating, the degree is deepening, and the strength is also increasing

the new retail era is a symbiotic era

in this case, for online e-commerce and offline physical stores of door and window enterprises, challenges and opportunities coexist, and the symbiosis of power and pressure will be a self-evident fact. It should be noted that the current sharing economy is first of all an open economy, that is, open cooperation can share results. Whether online giants or offline enterprises, those who are conservative will die, those who are traditional will die, and those who are closed will die. At the same time, online and offline are no longer simply a hostile model of one thing for another, you die and I die. The topic of the death of physical stores of doors and windows, or the death of e-commerce, has also been transformed from a predictive topic into a completely false proposition. In other words, the new retail era is not a topic of online and offline mass mortality, but an individual survival of the fittest. In the era of symbiosis, no door and window enterprise can live alone in a closed self world. If it seizes the opportunity, it can survive. If it lives in the past, it will be eliminated. Of course, new retail is also retail, which must return to the essence of retail. That is: user is the root and service is the foundation. The integration of online and offline interaction, in the final analysis, is the change of means and methods, which has not changed the essence of "retail = Service + product". Users are the final judge

the situation forces people to be strong and want to change. The market has always been the best touchstone for services and products. With the consumption market of doors and windows, quality demands gradually replace price demands, and high quality, high technology, personalization and small lifestyle have become the direction of consumption upgrading. A new retail storm involving online and offline, with consumer experience as the core, is brewing. Only by accelerating the online and offline integration and doing a good job in commodity management and customer service, can the traditional door and window manufacturing industry truly stand on the market and win the future





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