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Secret weapon for keeping warm in the bathroom in winter

it is a big problem to take a warm bath in winter. Because the weather is very cold, when using traditional bathing equipment, the water temperature drops quickly, and bathing will feel very cold. Many people have a headache for this. In order to solve this problem, many products aimed at ensuring bath temperature have appeared on the market. Those who want to take a bath include wooden bathtub and temperature controlled bathtub; Those who want to take a shower include a shower screen, a bath bully and a whole bath room. Take a look at the secret weapons I introduce below. There is always one for you

warm bath wood bath barrel or temperature controlled bath

bathing is the most comfortable way to bathe. But in winter, because the water in the bathtub contacts the air in a large area, it cools very fast. Even if the heating equipment such as Yuba is installed, the effect is not great. Because Yuba is installed on the ceiling of the bathroom, it is far away from the bathtub, so it has little effect. The market is demand-oriented, and the products to solve this problem are wood bathtubs and temperature controlled bathtubs


wood bath bucket: natural heat preservation bucket

wood bath bucket is the most traditional bathing tool. After being replaced by the bathtub for a long time, it has a great trend of resurgence against the backdrop of the retro trend

advantages: the biggest advantage of wood bathtub is its long heat preservation time. Without any heating, the water in the bathtub can be kept cool for 2 or 3 hours. Moreover, the wooden bathtub is generally deep, which can increase the contact surface between the body and water, making people more relaxed. Moreover, the wood substrate is of great benefit to human health

disadvantages: the biggest disadvantage of wood bathtub is that it is easy to crack, especially when geothermal is used. But there is no solution. Usually keeping some water in the bath bucket can alleviate this problem

warmth index: ★★★

applicable crowd: people who like nature and the bathroom is retro decorated


temperature control bathtub: let the water be several degrees

the larger the contact surface between water and air, the faster the temperature drops. This causes the bathtub water temperature to drop rapidly. In addition, surfing, bubble bath and other settings accelerate the flow of water, and the water temperature drops faster. To solve this problem, many luxury bathtubs are designed with computer temperature control devices

advantages: the temperature is controlled by computer, and the water temperature can be adjusted as needed. Bathing is no longer limited by time, and the comfort is greatly improved

disadvantages: the acquisition of technology requires money. Bathtubs with this function are expensive, and virtually increase the difficulty of maintenance

warmth index: ★★★ ★

applicable population: people who have a certain economic foundation and enjoy bathing

warm shower screen + Yuba or overall bath room

the bathroom is not large enough, and the shower room has become the best choice. Although the shower room is not as comfortable as the bathtub. But it is superior in heat preservation


bath screen + bath bully: hold the hot air

bath screen + bath bully is the most suitable bath product for the public. The bath screen makes the bathroom dry and wet, and Yuba increases the bath temperature. The combination of the two is enough to cope with the cold winter in Shenyang

advantages: the most economical winter bath product has the advantages of convenient installation, small land occupation, easy cleaning, and can be customized according to its own size

disadvantages: the installation of Yuba in the overhead heating area is limited, and the temperature under the feet is still very low. The newly launched Yuba with warm air can alleviate this problem, but the price is more expensive

warmth index: ★★

applicable crowd: people who want to enjoy a warm winter shower without spending too much and have no special requirements for enjoyment


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overall bath room: all-round warm bath

the overall bath room is the bath equipment with the best warm keeping effect. It can make the bathroom dry and wet partition, and there is no problem of uneven heat distribution in Yuba

advantages: good warmth retention, complete massage and steam functions, it is an increasingly popular way of bathing and leisure

disadvantages: the price is high, generally not applicable to small toilets, and the size is fixed, so the choice is limited

warmth index: ★★★★★

applicable crowd: people who like to enjoy steam bath and have a certain economic foundation





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